For the DCL poster design, please feel free to choose any template/design available on the internet or provided by MS PowerPoint or even create your own poster design. Due to Covid-19, the DCL 2021 Symposium will be held virtually on  “SpatialChat” online platform.  

Consequently, participants must adhere to the poster font and dimension specification listed below to ensure the legibility of the posters on the Spatial Chat platform.  Smaller font sizes that sufficed in physical poster presentation settings will appear as too small on Spatial Chat. You can find two poster examples below, “Physical Poster” and “Virtual Poster”. The first one was designed to be presented in a physical presentation setting while the second was designed for virtual presentation setting. Those poster examples give the reader an idea of how the font size and dimensionality aspects of the poster affects the readability and visibility of the poster when presented on an online virtual platform. Finally, please find attached a poster template file, ‘posterTmp.ppt,’ that participant could use. 

Poster design specifications: 

  • Poster size: A0 (Landscape) 118.9 cm (width) by 84.1 cm (height). 
  • Title font-size: 100. 
  • Section headings font-size: 70. 
  • Paragraph text font-size: 45. 
  • Images and figures are preferred to be in vector graphics format to avoid pixilation. 
  • Final poster file must in an image format, e.g., JPG or SVG. However, export your poster as .SVG to avoid pixilation. 
Physical Poster
Virtual Poster

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