Along with the poster, a pre-recorded video presentation explaining the work submitted in the poster is required. The presentation slides should not be merely a single slide showing the submitted poster. Below is some requirement and instructions on submitting your video.  

Video file requirements:  

  • Recommended video length for regular and invited presentations: 2 minutes 
  • Maximum video length for regular and invited presentations: 3 minutes 
  • File size limit for regular/invited/tutorial presentations: 100MB 
  • File format: MP4 
  • Minimum height: 480 pixels 
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9 
  • Presentation slides are required to be no more 5 slides and to submitted as a PDF along with the video 

Recording instructions: 

A recommended tool for effective recording is using the Zoom platform. Create a meeting where the speaker is the only participant, share the screen (presentation slides) and activate the presenter camera and record. Please refer to the following link for further instructions on Zoom recording.

Further suggestions: 

  1. Make sure that you record the whole screen to avoid having trouble with the aspect ratio of your recording. 
  1. It is highly recommended that the presenter’s face is also recorded in the video. However, by doing so, make sure that the video inset is not hiding important parts of your slides. 
  1. Use suitable software to ensure that the video size is below 100MB and has the right format (MP4). For example, “Handbrake” is an open-source video transcoder for converting video to MP4 and for file compression. The default settings typically reduce the size of Zoom-generated videos by a factor of three. 

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