UPCOMING: DCL Student Symposium 2021

The 2021 Georgia Tech Decision and Control Laboratory (DCL) Student Symposium will be held virtually during April 15th-16th (Thursday-Friday), 2021. There will be three plenary talks and four poster sessions during the Symposium. The schedule of the Symposium program is

Day 1: Thursday April 15th

9:30 to 10:00

Opening Remarks by ECE School Chair Prof. Magnus Egerstedt and DCL Director Prof. Fumin Zhang

10:45 to 11:15

Happy Hour 1

11:15 to 12:15

12:00 to 13:00

Lunch Break

13:45 to 14:15

Happy Hour 2

14:15 to 15:15

Day 2: Friday April 16th

10:30 to 11:00

Students’ Farewell Brunch with Prof. Magnus Egerstedt

11:00 to 12:15

12:15 to 13:00

Lunch Break

13:45 to 14:15

Happy Hour 3

14:15 to 15:15

15:15 to 15:30

Concluding Remarks

To download the program, please visit.

The symposium will be held virtually via BlueJeans for the talks and presentations, and the Gather Town platform for the posters showcase and happy hours. The Gather Town information will be presented at the opening of the symposium.

Plenary Talks

Guidelines for Poster Submission

For the DCL poster design, please feel free to choose any template/design available on the internet or provided by MS PowerPoint or even create your own poster design. Due to Covid-19, the DCL 2021 Symposium will be held virtually on  “SpatialChat” online platform… CONTINUE READING


Along with the poster, a pre-recorded video presentation explaining the work submitted in the poster is required. The presentation slides should not be merely a single slide showing the submitted poster. Below is some requirement and instructions on submitting your video.   Video file requirements:   Recommended video length for regular and invited presentations: 2 minutes Maximum video length for regular and invited presentations: 3 minutes  File size limit for regular/invited/tutorial presentations: 100MB File format: MP4 Minimum….CONTINUE READING


The purpose of the symposium is to bring all students and postdoctoral researchers in systems and control together to share their research. The student’s presentation will consist of 3-minute recorded talks together with corresponding electronic poster ….CONTINUE READING